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Anantmool, also known as is associated with the Mars.The planet Mars or signifies the Physical strength, , determination, ambition and passion the individual. The negative are aggressive nature, violence zealous.
Ashwagandha, also known as Somnifera is associated with planet Ketu. Ketu signifies spiritual knowledge and wisdom. positive traits of Ketu - bringing prosperity, health, , protects you from all of toxins like snake etc.
Arandmool, also known as Communes is associated with planet Venus or Shukra. planet Venus signifies love,, relationship and luxuries. These the positive effects, lets a look at the effects of Venus or ..
Belmool, also known as Marmelos is associated with Sun God or Surya . Sun signifies power, optimism, , honour, success, energy and a champion. These being positive effects, let's take look at the negative..
Vidhara, also known as Speciosa is associated with planet Mercury. Mercury signifies power of intelligence, speech, , expression and quick thinking. being the positive effects, take a look at negative effects of Mercury Budh.
Dhature ki Jad, also as Datura Wrightii is with planet Saturn or. Saturn or Shani is most dreaded planet. If is in your favour you will be blessed a healthy life, positive , everything will be in favour.