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Will I meet my twin soul?

Will I meet my twin soul? Sex is more than just about two people who may or may not love each other getting into bed and experiencing an orgasm. Sometimes, the intensity of the physical need is so great; we suspend our mental faculties and give in to satiating our physical urges. But when we talk about soul sex, it exists as pure energy in another dimension and far removed from the mating dance of ordinary mortals. Here, two souls who were meant for each other, came into Earth for a higher purpose. They meet in unusual circumstances, instantly feel a strong connection and go through all the known stages of a twin soul relationship.
Sex between twin souls is believed to be aorgasmically charged experience but there's a lot more to this unique union than the unbelievable sex. Twin souls may not necessarily unite on the physical plane. Even if they want to, one or both of the twins may already be in a karmic relationship and may feel stuck to do anything about the situation to be with his or her twin. As much as the heart desires, an immediate union may not be possible. The soul has, however, recognized that there is a strong connection that cannot be ignored or felt with anyone else ever again. You feel this extraordinary love and the image of your twin soul is the first that comes to mind every time you wake up in the morning.
Sexual union, in this case, happens on the spiritual plane and visions of you mating with your twin soul will remain etched in your mind. The cosmic orgasm felt will be a powerful one and this form of love making will satisfy you on more levels than one. The heart chakra opens up and you start experiencing spiritual energies on a higher frequency.
Meeting someone who belongs to the same soul group can be a wonderful experience; an experience that cannot be explained. Some form of loneliness may have existed in your heart or in your thoughts before you came across your twin soul. You may have felt you will never meet someone who has all the essential qualities you look for in a person. The person will be a mirror image of you and you will be at complete ease. The only thing that causes discomfort is the fact that you suddenly become aware of all the things that you feel are lacking in you and also, are disturbed by the difficulty of the circumstances that keeps you away from this divine union. To experience physical intimacy with your twin is what you desire above everything else, but things are not in your control.
It is this growing desire for your twin that makes your soul seek them out on another realm. Nothing can stop the soul from merging with your twin soul. It is a cosmic experience and the purpose of this experience is not self gratification. Sexual energy is cherished and not abused. You attract your twin soul when you are ready for enlightenment and to experience something truly divine.
In some cases, twin souls eventually do reunite on the physical plane as well, when both have solved their individual karmic baggage. Inner clearing work that needs to happen first has reached completion and now they are ready to embrace each other. The love vibration that exists between these two pure souls is essential for the betterment of mankind. They were born for a higher purpose in life and together as a couple, there’s nothing they cannot accomplish. Much has been said about the earth shattering orgasm and the kundalini awakening that happens when twin souls have sex and rightly so. You don’t need to exchange words; you surrender and experience pleasure in every pore of your body. It is a merging of the body, mind and the soul and only those who have experienced it will know how powerful and profound this union with the other half of your soul is.

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