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What is FengShui?

What is FengShui? FengShui, which means wind and water is an ancient Chinese philosophical system that believes in harmonizing energy in the surrounding environment for a prosperous and peaceful life. Good FengShui is associated with good health and that is why it is so imperative to practice the best principles of this Chinese traditional art. Chi plays a key role here and various techniques are applied in order to balance this movable life force.
The Taoists believed that there are invisible forces all around us that bind the Earth, the Universe and Humans. In older times, the construction of structures depended on the placement of roads, water bodies and several other factors for good fengshui. Energy was believed to be so powerful, it could completely destroy the inhabitant's life.
The concept of Yin and Yang and an understanding of the five key elements of FengShui are essential.
In Chinese philosopy, Yin and Yang represent the female and the male energy, which are opposite in nature yet considered to be complementary. One depends on the other and physical manifestations of this duality like hot and cold, light and dark, fire and water, etc., represent yin and yang energy. Even though they are opposite in nature they are not to be considered as opposing forces. The way shadow ceases to exist without light, in order to ensure harmony, one must find a way to balance yin and yang forces.

There are five elements in FengShui:
Wood - This is represented by a rectangular shape.
Fire - This is represented by a triangular shape.
Earth - This is represented by a square shape.
Metal - This is represented by a round shape.
Water - This is represented by a wavy shape.

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