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Understanding Chaldean Numerology

Occult sciences come in varied forms and the art of interpreting numbers to glimpse into the future has been in practice in various cultures and this spans across thousands of years. The Chaldean form of Numerology in Kabbalah uses alphabets and corresponding numbers to identify the native's birth and name number. In India, Numerology is used to enhance one's luck by changing the spelling of one's name in order to reach at a better and more positive vibration. The compatibility of two numbers is analysed in order to ensure the native doesn't run into bad luck. Birth numbers are fixed and there's little one can do to alter the harmonious aspects associated with this number. Your date of birth determines your birth number and this is the number that is believed to rule your luck and personality.
In Chaldean Numerology, Numbers are assigned to Letters
1 = a, j, s
2 = b, k, t,
3 = c, l, u,
4 = d, m, v,
5 = e, n, w,
6 = f, o, x,
7 = g, p, y,
8 = h, q, z,
9 = i, r,

Birth Day Number
There are 9 numbers that govern people's luck. Each number is said to represent certain unique traits and based on your day of birth, your Birth Day Number is calculated.

The Birth Day Number is the sum of your Day of birth
If you were born on the 2nd of any month, your Birth Day Number is 2. Similarly if your day of birth is on the 24th of any month, your Birth Day Number is - 2+4 = 6.

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