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Puja Products

Short Description:Kalawa or Mouli a cotton red thread , considered to be very and is used in religious purposes by the . Kalawa is an integral of any puja that conducted.
Short Description: Incense sticks are vital in creating spiritual ambience. It is an important offering to . The aroma helps channelize senses and ..
Incense sticks (Dhoop Batti) vital in creating a ambience. It is considered important offering to deities.
Sandalwood powder is used make a sandalwood paste application on the forehead those involved in prayer.
Janeu is a consecrated that is worn generally every Hindu Brahmin of . This auspicious thread suggests for a young to a man.
Krishna in his childhood is known as “Bal”, playful and mischievous. Our Gopal Set includes the, clothes and mukut and of Krishna Kanhaiya etc.
Lord Shani is considered god of this age. "Kaliyuga". It is said Lord Shani is among few deities who can worshipped and satisfied easily. who have a malefic or Saturn in their are advised to wear Shani Kripa Kavach for .
A Kaal Sarpa Yantra help you overcome obstacles hindrances in life. Kaalsarp Yantra generally suggested for those have Kaal Sarpa Yoga their horoscope . A Kaal Yoga creates obstacles, setbacks hindrances.
As per the Hindu , the Kalash is placed creating seat for all invoked deities during a ceremony. Diwali Lakshmi Pujan is very important for Lord Lakshmi.Get the best quality at a reasonable , only out here .